Sunday, 10 August 2014

Ebinabo Potts-Johnson -I Once Thought Of Reducing My Boobs

In a fast changing world where the modern woman wants a firmer and larger breast, could it be considered strange that someone was thinking of reducing the size of her breast?

First runner-up at the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria (MBGN) 2007, Ebinabo Potts-Johnson recently granted an interview to the Vanguard on how she once thought of reducing the size of her boobs.

Strange isn’t it? Find out why such thoughts ran through her mind and why she has had a change of heart:

“Although God put it there and really, at some point in my life I was actually thinking that I need to reduce this thing (her boobs) because most times when people see me, it’s just the boobs they’re seeing, they’re not seeing the other parts of me. It can be embarrassing that people can only see you as a s*x object” she complained.

“Sometimes you just don’t know why a guy is coming after you. You don’t know whether it is because of your personality or your body. Though I don’t like to think a guy is coming for me because of my body but I get compliments a lot over my boobs. Sometimes a guy just passes and says, ““Wow, your boobs are big” and I just give them a smile and walk off.

As they always say; ‘one man’s meat, another man’s poison.’ lol

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